Dance tours


For already many years Tineke organizes dance and culture tours, mainly to Armenia. In 2017 the number stood at more than 30 tours and expanded with Georgia. In present time, with its turbulent political developments, it is good to know that Armenia and Georgia are safe countries to travel to.

A lot of folk dancers from all over the world have already experienced a visit to Armenia and were surprised to discover a country where we know so little about. Its ancient historical monuments, early conversion to Christianity, traditions, dances and beautiful nature make this country worth a visit. Besides dance classes we will also explore the country with our own tour bus and guide. Above all things acquaintance with the ‘real Armenia’ by meeting local people is what makes a journey worthwhile. Frequently tour participants have surprised and impressed other restaurant guests with their knowledge of Armenian dances and in turn were initiated into Armenian toast traditions. If you want to read their personal stories and impressions, please click Reviews Tours.

You are welcome to join a dance and culture tour and to see for yourself what Armenia, the Land of Stones, has to offer.

Check back regularly for new workshops, dance courses and dance tours.