Culture tour Iran – General information


This tour can be booked separately or in combination with a tour to Armenia which will take place from May 14-24.

In 2017 I spent my first visit to Iran when I organized a tour for a group of folk dancers from Taiwan. Unfortunately, politics is not beyond our image, but this country, culture and people certainly deserve our attention. Whoever travels through Iran feels most welcome and safety is not a concern. The population is extremely open, friendly and warm - you quickly feel at ease. In one word: it was overwhelming!
Therefore I have decided to repeat the tour in 2019.

Iran, former Persia, has an ancient history and is rightly called the cradle of civilization. Due to Iranian Islamic law dancing in public is not allowed. Therefore this tour is focused on culture. However in our previous tour we did manage to meet with two ethnic groups and to dance together. They are partly nomadic tribes called Lore and Bakhtiari. Also on this tour we will try to include a get-together in the program.
Local covered bazaars are buzzling with people and you will find numerous shops with carpets, chadors, jewelry, herbs and silver teapots. The scents of rose perfume and sweets mingle with the scent of beautifully displayed colorful spices. Iranians are a friendly and courteous people who are open to all the interest they receive from foreign tourists.

Iran will also surprise you with the splendor of numerous historic buildings and mansions with impressive gardens.  When you walk between the high columns of the reception hall in Persepolis  (550–330 BC) , the time of the mighty Persian Empire almost comes back to life. In Isfahan, according to some the most beautiful city in Iran, you admire beautiful palaces and mosques with wall paintings, carvings and mosaics. Turquoise and blue tiles in intricate patterns adorn the walls of mosques and continue to challenge you to take a picture.

The current 'selfie era' is also popular in Iran and to be requested to pose for a picture is no exception. The central square in Isfahan turns into a big picnic area in the evening where hundreds of families gather and where you are often invited to have a tea or to exchange some small talk in English.

You are welcome to join the tour and to discover this amazing country yourself.


(flight excluded, single room surcharge € 310)
January 2019 you will receive an invoice for full payment of the tour.