Honours Armenian government

On the 23th of March 2006 Tineke van Geel, teacher of Armenian folk dance, received special honours from the Ministry of Culture and Youth in Yerevan, Armenia.

She was given this award by Mr. G. Manassian, deputy Minister, for her extraordinary devotion and energy in promoting Armenian dance, music and culture over the past twenty five years. Tineke teaches dance workshops in many countries and continents in the world, a fact that didn’t remain unnoticed in Armenia.

Several Armenian television stations showed interest for the uncommon fact that a non-Armenian occupies herself for such a long period of time and with great enthusiasm with Armenia and Armenian folk dance.
The internet newspaper Armenianow, which appears in both Armenia and in the Armenian Diaspora, also devoted an article to this occasion.

On Armenian television Tineke mentioned the contribution that several Armenian musicians have made to the realisation of a number of CDs that are produced on Van Geel Records label. Striking fact is that these CDs are now offered as illegal copies in Armenia and enjoy immense popularity among both buyers and sellers. She has experienced that revealing her identity and being Mrs. Van Geel Records herself does not lead to a remorseful response of the vendors. On the contrary - they are bewildered to meet her in person and assure her that 'her CDs are the best in their collection of folk music’.