In 2024 we will celebrate an anniversary: 20 years of culture and dance trips to different countries with nearly 60 tours with international participants. That is why we offer 2 special and exotic tours in 2024.

DANCE AND CULTURE TOUR to ARMENIA from May 15  - May 31st

Price: € 1890 (flight excluded) approx. $ 2030

DANCE VACATION to BALI from June 17 - July 1st

Price: € 1980 (flight excluded) approx. $ 2130



"We wish we could have stayed longer." We can fulfill this wish in 2024 with a longer trip to Armenia. In 2004, when tourism was still in its infancy, we already introduced travelers from all over the world to Armenia. It is one of those rare destinations that hasn’t been spoiled by mass tourism. Its ancient historical monuments, buzzling capital Yerevan, traditions, dances and hikes in beautiful nature make this country worth a visit. Besides dance classes with two local teachers we will also explore a big part of the country with our own tour bus and guide. You will see the highlights of the country, but also experience a side of Armenia that few travelers even get close to reaching, but absolutely should. Unraveling these hidden gems in a way that keeps them authentic and creating meaningful cooperation with local people who initiate activities, deepens the connection with the real Armenia. This dance and culture journey is also suitable for non-dancers (no discount on the price).


A dance vacation to Bali means a tropical cocktail of beach, nature, Hindu culture, beautiful weather and hospitable inhabitants.  The popular island enchants you with its breathtakingly beautiful landscape with fertile rice fields, unique culture and many traditions. After arrival you can relax at the beach hotel in Sanur before we continue to Ubud, where we will stay for most of the journey and have our dance classes. Ubud is the center of Balinese arts and traditional crafts. We are lodging at Ananda Cottages just outside the village of Ubud. Balinese rice paddies cover part of the cottages' grounds and the beautiful garden and the Balinese style villas make it a perfect place to stay.  During our sightseeing trips we get to know the unique culture of the Balinese, but also plan free time to choose your personal activity or to relax in one of the pools. International folk dance classes will be taught by Tineke and Maurits van Geel. This dance vacation is also suitable for non-dancers (no discount on the price).


As in many other countries in the world, prices have risen significantly. Unfortunately this also has consequences for our tour prices, especially because we believe it is important to have good accommodations that are either centrally located or stand out because of their beautiful location. In addition, we believe that the quality of the program is one of our strengths that we would like to maintain.