XXL TOUR to GEORGIA, ARMENIA (with optional extension to) IRAN June  2022

In past years we have organized more than 50 tours with a special and very succesfull tour in 2018 - the Caucausus XXL Tour - visiting three countries.
We are pleased to announce a new XXL Tour in 2022 and have decided to extend the stay in each country to get to know the diversity of all countries even better and explore new places. If you like to join there are three options, all of which can be booked separately.

Registration is open, no deposit required, full payment is due January 2022. Click here to register.

Option 1 –GEORGIA and ARMENIA from June 1st to June 24 - total 23 days.

Price indication*: € 2450 (approximately $ 2900) international flight excluded.

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Option 2 – IRAN from June 24 to July 5 - total 11 days.

Price indication*: € 1900 (approximately $ 2250) international flight excluded.

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Option 3 – COMPLETE TOUR to 3 countries from June 1st to July 5 – total 34 days

Price indication*: € 4450 (approximately $ 5300) international flight excluded. Flight Yerevan-Tehran included.

*Some hotels have not yet set rates for 2022. We have included an anticipated raise in room rates in our price indication.

* Price is based upon occupancy in double/twin room

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DANCE CLASSES – see program for more details

GEORGIA: scheduled dance classes will not be included in the Georgian tour, because the dances are quite complicated or done solo. However song and dance performances of local groups or informal dancing will be included to encounter Georgian culture.
ARMENIA: in Armenia there will be informal dance classes taught by a local teacher or Tineke. Groups will perform and teach us their dances.
IRAN: in Iran dancing in public is officially forbidden. But we will have unique encounters with local nomadic tribes who will demonstrate their dances and might invite us to join.


Not many Westerners travelled to Georgia, but in the past years the government has been very active in promoting tourism . That seems to be paying off, because Georgia quickly gaines popularity as a touristic destination. In fact the country sells itself because it has so much to offer! The mountainous landscape is very varied and often untouched. Different kinds of religions live together, including Judaism, Islam and Christianity.
During our tour in Georgia we will visit some of the most beautiful places in the country. The capital Tbilisi has an old center with picturesque streets, courtyards and squares: a large open-air museum. Not only in this city you will find a lot of culture during your Georgia trip. The cave monastery of Vardzia is one of the examples of a very impressive place to visit during our trip through Georgia. In the northwest we will visit the Upper Svaneti region. In the past an incaccessible region, home of the ethnic group of Svans with a rich culture of folk music, dance and polyphonic folk songs. Their villages are dominated by ancient defence towers, perfect to battle invaders. A region which is perfrect for hikes with its unique views of the high Caucasus.

"Tblisi is really a vibrant city, a kind of Paris in the Caucasus. It was a pleasure to browse around the old town and enjoy local food. Georgian cuisine is really amazing, very tasty and a large variety of different dishes. The landscape is rugged and mountaineous and very impressive. Georgian dances reflect strength and power by the men with acrobatic steps which are contrasting a lot with the women's graceful movements. You can see Georgia's rich history in the beautiful ancient monuments, cathedral and monasteries we have visited. A surprising country and I expect that this gem will be discovered by more tourists in the future. Many thanks Tineke for this wonderful tour." 
Karel de Vries (The Netherlands)


Far away in the Caucasus you can find Armenia, a country with an ancient history and culture, yet unknown to many travelers. Lovers of untouched nature, rugged mountains, remote villages and old Christian monasteries can indulge themselves here. Armenia can be considered as Tineke’s second motherland where she has studied Armenian dance since 1985. She knows all the ins and outs of this country and it is always wonderful to see that her warm feelings for this country are shared by many tour participants. In Armenia you can find a big contrast between the Mediterranean and buzzling atmosphere in Yerevan and the countryside which feels more primitive and ‘unpolished’. Ancient monasteries are surrounded by impressive nature. An old karavanserai is the silent witness of Armenia’s old trade routes along the Silk Road. Of course we will stay in Yerevan, but we will also visit to the east of the country to Khundzoresk. A walk in this bizarre landscape of rocky and pointed mountains with caves gives a genuine impression of its immensity.  At the end of the 19th century over 4000 people were living in these caves. Only 1 hour drive from there is Karahountj, a circular arrangement of 204 stones with holes in them which is similar to England's Stonehenge, but older. It is believed to have been an observatory dating back to roughly 1000 BC. and is surrounded by beautiful nature.

"It was a wonderful tour, very well organized (important in this country I think), and also full of positive spirit, flexibility, humour (sometimes irony), good atmophere among the group-members – which makes it unforgettable! A marvellous experience! And all the participants are very well aware I think, that without you all this would not have been possible. It was a really good mixture between dancing, music, culture, meeting people, sightseeing, shopping occasions (also nice), city impressions and beautiful landscape, information about political, geographical, ethnological background, everyday-life etc. There was so much in it. Thank you!"
Margarete Aulbach (Germany)


Iran is a very interesting destination. As visitors from western countries we usually have very limited knowledge about daily life in Iran. Therefore it was a real revelation to visit the country for the 1st time in 2017 or maybe we should say 'a pleasant surprise'. The population is extremely welcoming and open to foreigners and ‘Welcome to Iran’ is expressed by many Iranians. The beauty of ancient monuments such as Persepolis is overwhelming and the country has many interesting sites to visit. The city of Isfahan is often called the most beautiful city in the world. Bright colors of tile mosaics, mirror walls and green gardens in luxurious mansions of ancient merchants, old mud villages or the rugged landscape. This is all part of Iran. Dancing in public is officially not allowed in Iran, but we will meet with two nomadic ethnic groups- Qhasga'i and Bakhtiari - who will show us their dances and wedding rituals.

" I am always promoting and will always promote this beautiful country and so do all the people that travelled with me to Iran. They too know how wonderful especially the Iranians are! However, it is strange how most people (except a few) still just want to believe all that negativity about Iran that is displayed in the media and completely seem to disregard the positive things told by those who have actually visited your country and have experience. Also many thanks to Mojtaba, our excellent guide"
Margot Verkaik (Switzerland)


A bonus for all three countries is that the food in these countries is fresh and of excellent quality. All nations appreciate to have a large selection of dishes at each meal and vegetarians will feel very happy because there is always an elaborate choice in salads, vegetables and herbs.