Dance & Culture Tour Armenia – General information


This tour can be booked separately or in combination with a tour to Georgia which will take place from September 13-23.

After organizing over 40 tours to Armenia many participants have discovered this country that is still relatively unknown. Everybody is pleasantly surprised to see its large variety in landscapes, to experience the friendliness and hospitality of the Armenians. The delicious Armenian cuisine offers a wide range of fresh dishes, sometimes prepared with wild produce from the mountains unknown to us.

Therefore I would like to welcome you to Armenia, a country with an attractive landscape of mountains, plateaus and numerous rivers,  the cradle of Christianity.
Its nickname ' Land of the living Stones'  does justice to its architecture with impressive carvings on ancient monasteries, cave dwellings, basalt formations, volcanic black obsidian stones glittering on a mountain and jewelry made of locally found semi-precious stones.

Sharing our interest in Armenian dance opens all doors and hearts.

Our tour will allow enough time to explore Armenia's capital Yerevan, a bustling city with lots of parks, interesting museums, many nice restaurants and an abundance of parks. The Mediterranean atmosphere can be felt when families stroll through the streets in the evening and watch the light and sound show in the central square of Yerevan.
Besides Yerevan, we will explore the east part of Armenia.  This part of the country ranges in landscape from the flat and fertile Ararat valley to rugged mountains and high mountain passes. In remote places imposing monasteries and ancient carved crossstones remind us of a glorious and ancient culture.

Will you follow in the footsteps of many other travelers? Discover Armenia yourself.

PRICE: € 1015 (flight not included)

(flight excluded, surcharge single room €250)
April 2019 you will receive an invoice for full payment of the tour.