Culture tour Georgia – General information



This tour can be booked separately or in combination with a tour to Armenia which will take place from September 23-October 2nd.

In the past years tourism in Georgia has grown substantially due to increased media attention and marketing. Similar to its neighboring country Armenia it is a country in the Caucasus region of Eurasia at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe.

Independent kingdoms were unified to one country in the 12th century, strengthened by a common religion. Again there is a similarity between Armenia and Georgia, because in both countries Christianity was adopted at the beginning of the 4th century.

Georgia is not only home to Georgians, but also includes many other ethnic groups. For example the Svan live in the remote region of Svaneti, which is still hard to reach by road. The temperament of these mountain dwellers is reflected in vigorous men’s dances often with an element of battle.

The country has a lot to offer. The vibrant and old city of Tbilisi, - once the cultural center of the entire Caucasus - with cozy streets, colorful wooden balconies, open air terraces and a fortress overlooking the city. The large and impressive variety in landscape as you travel through Georgia, varying between high mountain peaks and wine regions. And many interesting sites with ancient cave dwellings and monasteries - silent witnesses of a highly civilized early culture.

But foremost - you feel welcome as a tourist.

PRICE: € 1015

(flight excluded, surcharge single room € 200)
April 2019 you will receive an invoice for full payment of the tour.